Freedom Must Not Be Taken For Granted


The alarm goes off and the neighbors are making noise at five in the morning! You’re frustrated. You want to sleep in, but you have to get ready for the day ahead. You get out of bed, make your bed, and get right on Facebook. Such a hard life, huh?

As you scroll down the news feed, your friend posted about their night out, someone’s talking about a family vacation to Florida. The weather is getting colder, so why not? Then you see a photograph of a child’s dad. The caption reads, “I miss you so much daddy! I wish you were here. Thank you for all that you and the service men and women past, present and future have done and continue to do for this great country. You’re my role model. See you soon.”

Could you imagine? What if those little moments that you took for granted, could never be had again? Would you regret the way your last conversation went with that person? Or that you didn’t make time for them? The future for some is unknown.

The duties of the service men are no easy tasks.

They may not wake up to that annoying, beeping alarm clock… but to a potentially deadly bomb that just hit close by. And as they jump up, it’s one in the morning. They could have just fallen asleep. Now they won’t be sleeping for a while. They say a quick prayer and begin another long day.

Though this is not a representation of the average life of the service personnel, they all sacrifice something to keep everyone else safe (like not being home for the holidays). And some days are harder than others.

Today, on Veteran’s Day, we thank the service men and women who selflessly sacrificed for our freedom. But remember, just because Veteran’s Day is only once a year, doesn’t mean we don’t have to show our appreciation any other day. Whenever and where ever you see a Veteran or active service men or women, take a moment to thank them. It doesn’t take much effort, but it sure can make their day.

And although today is about the Veterans, thank you to ALL the service men and women for your service. Thank you for keeping our freedom and our great country safe. And lastly, thank you to the families of the service.

With Gratitude,

A proud American

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